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Cross Bridge Rice Noodle

Cross Bridge Rice Noodle

Cross Bridge Rice Noodle

This is one of the most well-known dishes in Yunnan cuisine,which is originally from Mengzi City.The dish is served with a large bowl of boiling hot broth and the soup ingredients. These ingredients are separated. The soup ingredients are served on a cutting board or plate and include raw vegetables and lightly cooked meats. Common ingredients include thin slices of ham, chunks of chicken, chicken skin, strips of bean curd sheets, chives, sprouts and rice noodles. Once added into the broth, it cooks quickly with a layer of schmaltz and oil glistening on top.

Story About The Food

One story that has gained traction[1] begins with a scholar who was studying hard for his imperial exams on a small island. His wife, who would bring him food, found that by the time she had crossed the bridge to the island the soup would be cold and the noodles were soggy. She then decided to load a large earthen pot with boiling broth with a layer of oil on top that would act as insulation and keep the broth warm. The noodles and other ingredients were kept in separate container, and when she arrived, she mixed the two containers together for a warm soup.


Normally,the traditional Cross Bridge Rice Noodle use a very big bowl,this means that most of people cann’t finish all of them except local people.Please order one dish for two or three of you,so that you will not waste this fantastic snack food,as well as enjoy the valuable soup

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