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Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese


A unique,artisanal cheese made from the milk of yaks in Shangri-La

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We are proud to offer Mei Xiang Yak Cheese,a unique local Yunnan product from the unspoiled mountain pastures.This yak cheese is carefully crafted in Shangri-La.The Tibetan cottage factory employs Western cheese expertise to create its delicious product.The yak cheese also helps improve the lives of local Tibetan herders whose yaks provide the fresh milk.
Today,The factory sometimes accommodates visiting students as well. Students can experience first-hand the Tibetan nomadic lifestyle while learning how to work on a yak.

Shangri-La Premier and Geza Gold Cheese,made of yak milk,comes from the Mei Xiang Cheese Factory which was founded in 2004.Fresh yak milk comes from villages herding yaks at elevations as high as 4500 meters above sea level.The factory provides a stable outlet for yak milk to increase the value and economic productivity of yak herding.


Gold Award of French Cheese Contest in 2015

Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese


Gold Award of French Cheese Contest in 2015

Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese


Shangri-La Premier Yak Cheese

Shangri-La Premier originates from Haloumi cheese of the Mediterranean region.It is a semi-soft,white cheese with a mild,salty taste.It is ideal for cooking as it maintains its shape and texture while taking on accompanying flavors.


Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese


Geza Gold Yak Cheese
Geza Gold is modeled after an Italian Asiago recipe,and is aged to perfection for at least two months.It has a strong flavor and soft texture,making it a perfect complement to pastas,sandwiches,or just on its own.

Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese

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Nutritional Value
Several studies have shown that yak milk is an excellent nutritional resource as it contains more proteins,calcium and minerals such as iron,phosphorous,magnesium and zinc than milk from cows.Yak milk has also an agreeable flavor and abundant amino-acids.


Cheese Production
1.Fresh milk is collected and carried to the pick up point.
2.The milk is caused to coagulate,or form clumps.
3.The whey is removed from the curds.
4.The curds are pressed in molds.
5.Cheese is stored and then ready for consumption.

Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese

Traditional cheese making with modern hygiene standards


Members of the Team

Luo Sang Choma

Luo Sang Choma     Cheese-maker

Choma is Tibetan,as well as proprietor of the Yak Cheese Factory.The Yak Cheese Factory has been hosting guests who travel to the area in the past years.



Prof. Ranee May

Prof. Ranee May     University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Cheese expert from University of Wisconsin-River Falls faculty associates in the Animal and Food Science Dept.specializing in Dairy Foods. Prof.May has taught farmstead and artisanal cheese making for over 30 years.She specializes in cheesemaking techniques and operates a dairy manufacturing processing plant.Since 2002, Prof.May has led the Mei Xiang Cheese factory in developing recipes using local conditions and international standards to highlight the uniqueness of yak milk.Prof.May pioneered the Experimental Yak Cheese Project which is now in full production as a social enterprise in Shangri-la China.


Tibetan Herders

Shangri-La Artisanal Yak Cheese

Happy Yaks

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Aged Yak Cheese
Gold Award of French Cheese Contest in 2015
Packed with organic birch-bark
Hand cut to order


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