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Kunming Public Transportation

Kunming North Bus Station
Add:Wayao Village.Panlong District.Kunming.
Tel: 0871-65727185
Kunming City (Xundian County,Songming County,Luquan County and Dongchuan District)
Qujing City (Except Luliang County,Shizong County and Luoping County)
Zhaotong City (All county)
Inter-Provincial Bus


Kunming Northwest Bus Station
Add:Puji Village.Wu Hua District.Kunming.
Tel: 0871-68265359
Kunming City (Anning City,fumin County and Luquan County)
Chuxiong Prefecture (Wuding County,Yuanmou County,Yongren County,Dayao County,Yaoan County,Lufeng County,Shuangbo County,Nanhua County and Mouding County)
Yuxi City (Yimen county)
Lijiang City (Huaping County)
Sichuan Province (Panzhihua City)


Kunming South Bus Station
Add:New Luosiwan Shopping Center.Guandu District.Kunming.
Kunming City (Jinning County)
Puer City (Except Jingdong County,Shangyun Town)
Xishuangbanna Prefecture
Yuxi City (Except Yimen county)
Honghe Prefecture (Jianshui County,Shiping County,Yuanyang County,Luchun County and Honghe County)
Inter-Provincial Bus


Kunming West Bus Station
Add:Majie.Xishan District.Kunming.
Tel: 0871-65326258
Dali Prefecture
Dehong Prefecture
Nujiang Prefecture
Diqing Prefecture
Baoshan City
Lincang City
Lijiang City (Gucheng District,Yulong County,Yonsheng County and Ninglang County)
Puer City (Jingdong County,Shangyun Town and Lancing County)


Kunming East Bus Station
Add:Airport Highway.Panlong District.Kunming.
Tel: 0871-63833680
Kunming City (Shilin County and Yiliang County)
Wenshan Prefecture
Honghe Prefecture (Gejiu City,Kaiyuan City,Mengzi City,Mile County,Luxi County,Hekou County,Pingbian County and Jinping County)
Qujing City (Luliang County,Shizong County and Luoping County)
Inter-Provincial Bus (Guizhou Province,Guangxi Province,Guangdong Province,Fujian Province,Zhejiang Province,Jiangsu Province)


Kunming Railway Station

Add:Southmost of Beijing Road.Guandu District


Changshui International Airport and Airport Express

Date of Operation:28th June 2012



Route Map of Airport Express