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4G Internet Smart Phone


Don’t need to register,and lower cost 4G network.

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Advice From Our Trip Advisor

1.Phone cards which provided by China Mobile,China Unicom and China Telecom are same quality,if we use it via 2G network (Voice Service).


2.About the internet access speed,the signal of China Telecom is fastest and strongest in 3G and 4G network.Even if in a small village which is located on 4000 meter high mountain,we can have stable internet access.


3.Some times we cann’t obtain very good signal or completely lost signal in mountain region,but China Mobile and China Telecom always gave us surprise,so that we can call the police.


4.Normally,China Mobile 3G Card supports GSM network which was supported by 99% of phone brands in the world.


5.China Telecom 3G Card has special functions which is useful when we travel in Citys or Towns.


Why Use Our Internet Smart Phone

There are three Mobile Communication Providers in China,More Details Please Click Here

1.Lower cost than a new registered phone card.(You need passport and cost about 1 hour to get new sim card)


2.Even if you are located in mountain region,the stable signal also available,as well as the internet access is 3G or 4G quality.


3.After the hotspot was turned on,all of your advice (Pads,Computers or any other phones) are available to access internet with WIFI.


4.Best Pay is useful function which was supported by China Telecom,users can use this service to pay for shopping,bus tickets and metro tickets with discounted price.


5.If you need call someone,the fee for calling is 0.25 Yuan per min,and it’s free when you response a calling.


6.Users will have 1GB include in the package.


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