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Angong Niuhuang Wan(Gold)


安宫牛黄丸(金衣)( the Palace Pill with Cattle Gallstone ). It can cure various acute cerebrovascular diseases with good effectiveness and light after-effect, which is the main Chinese patent medicine of treating pyrexia with delirium and stroke.

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牛黄 Calculus Bovis
水牛角浓缩粉 Concentrated powder of Cornu Bubali
麝香 Musk
珍珠 Margarite
朱砂 Cinnabaris
雄黄 Realgar
黄连 Rhizoma Coptidis
黄芩 Radix Scutellariae
栀子 Gardenia
郁金 Radix Curcumae
冰片 Borneol
蜂蜜 Honey


Febrile disease, invasion of the pericardium by pathogemic factors, convulsion due to high fever, coma and delirium, coma in strike, encephalitis, cerebral meningitis, toxic encephalopathy cerebral hemorrhage and septicemia with above symptom


Clearing away heat and toxic material and eliminating phlegm for resuscitation which can indicate high fever and delirium due to invasion of pericardium by pathogenic heat and retention of heat and phlegm within, improves the immunologic function of the body.


Consult doctor before use
Adults : 1 pill orally once a day
Children (under 3 years) : 1/4 pill orally once a day
Children (4-6 years) : 1/2 pill orally once a day

Do Not Use

Pregnant Woman


3G / Pill ( 1 Pill / Pack )

Shelf Life

4 Years




Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Do not have uncooked and cold foods when taking. Keep out of reach of children.


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