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Baisha Orchestral Music


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Baisha Orchestral Music is one of the two surviving forms of traditional music of the Naxi (also spelled Nakhi or Nahi) people of Lijiang.Baisha is a ancient town located ten kilometres north of Lijiang, and was the capital of the independent Naxi kingdom before it was annexed by the Yuan Empire in 1271.


Baisha Orchestral Music was called Baisha Xiyue (Baisha Fine Music),which is a classical orchestral musical form with 24 qupai (tunes), played on antique Chinese musical instruments, such as flute, shawm, Chinese lute, and zither. It is derived from the ritual music of Taoist and Confucian ceremonies from the 14th century. Since Lijiang is relatively remote, the music form has survived relatively unchanged since that period. The music is characterised by the “three olds” – old melodies, old instruments and old musicians.

Naxi Ancient Music


There are ten tracks on this CD.




Naxi Ancient Music


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Lijiang Brother He


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