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Echoes Of Shangrila


Echoes of Shangri-La is a unique performance bringing traditional folk music, singing and dance from the diverse minority peoples of Yunnan Province to the modern stage.

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Echoes Of Shangrila





The derivative indigenous percussive dance Echoes Of Shangrila is a masterwork of famous Chinese dancer Yang Liping to follow the success of Shangrila-Dynamic Yunnan.It is a sister piece to Shangrila-Dynamic Yunnan.

Unlike the concept of indigenous arts,derivative indigenous arts are created and developed base on  traditional indigenous arts

Echoes Of Shangrila


Echoes of Shangri-La presents over one hundred different musical instruments from these folk traditions, placing them in the context of the cultures they bind together. Watch and listen as they herald the birth of new life, accompany departed souls, summon the rains, nurture the soil and stoke the bonfires of great celebrations.


Echoes Of Shangrila


The Wellspring Of Echoes

There is a folk saying in Yunnan,every leaf can dance,every stone can sing,even the sound of a butterfly’s wings have rhythm,even the sounds of threshing grains are melodies.Whether it is a hoe,a rake,a water wheel or stone mill,if it can be held in the hand then it can be played as an instrument.

Echoes Of Shangrila




Prologue – Song of Birth

Act One – Life Cycle

Act Two – Sunny Rain

Act Three – Male Tiger Female Tiger

Act Four – Strange Stuff

Act Five – The Tea Horse Road

Act Six- Drunk Drum

Epilogue – Shepherd Song


Echoes Of Shangrila


The Echoes Of Shangrila are the sounds of cowbells through morning mist,the clacks of hooves on the ancient caravan trails,the shimmers of grass in the wind,the sounds of thunder,the calls of birds and insects,the rooster’s crow and the dog’s bark,the babbling of brooks,the rumbling of mighty rivers,the echoes of canyons,the clatter of raindrops.It is the chorus of nature.The Echoes Of Shangrila are the sounds of silence,the most distant past.


Echoes Of Shangrila




Yang Liping

Echoes Of Shangrila was directed by the famous Chinese dancer, Yang Liping.She is one of China’s best-known dancers. Her peacock dance is famous in China.When she was twenty years ago, the first prize in a national dance competition was won by the youthful genius female dancer.At that time, “The Spirit of the Peacock” became famous after performing on the international stage.she is fame to be regarded as the “Peacock Princess” in China.


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Monday to Sunday



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1 hour


Yunling Theatre
183 Minzhu Lu,Old Town,Lijiang,China


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