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Dynamic Yunnan is a master piece of artistic work that marks the character of Yunnan.It is regarded as one of the milestone creations in Chinese stage show and dance history.The show has been performed almost 4000 shows in more than 42 cities around the globe.It is indeed one of the best examples of the development of Chinese minorities arts as well as Chinese theater show culture.

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Shangri-La Dynamic Yunnan



2004-2005 Best National Stage Dance Performance
The Project Of China National Classic Stage Arts
Five categories of Lotus National Awards-The choreographer show award in China
Created and choreographed by the most outstanding dancer and choreographer In China
Show case company for National Culture Industry
The Classic Drama Produced


Dynamic Yunnan is a master piece of artistic work that marks the character of Yunnan.It is regarded as one of the milestone creations in Chinese stage show and dance history.The show has been performed almost 4000 shows in more than 42 cities around the globe.It is indeed one of the best examples of the development of Chinese minorities arts as well as Chinese theater show culture.


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Dynamic Yunnan,also called Yunnan Impression Show.The show is an original ethnic song and dance performance which showcases the rich cultural diversity of Yunnan.70% of the performers are minority who are from different minority groups in Yunnan and they energetically perform in their traditional costumes.They are not professional performers,but they show their real lifestyle on the stage.Spectators would be shocked by ethnic culture,as well as moved by sincerity performance.




Prologue – The Dawn Of Life
I am the wild fire, I am the wind,I have locked my soul in the drum,And kept the seeds within me.With a clap of thunder, plants begin to sprout,Wake up! Spirit of the Drum, wake up!

Act One – The Sun
The sun and the moon are forever chasing each another,From east to west they follow the track.They have taken the same route since Chaos opened up;Men and women are together Since they were born, and till they die,They were joined upon the Creation of the Earth.

Act Two – The Earth
Heaven is vast, but there is only one;The earth is vast, but there is only one.Do not say that flora does not speak,There is a reason for every living thing on earth.My ancestors told me,The Earth came from the flesh and bones of the Creator.I lay low, close to the earth, and there and then,I could understand the myths of my ancestors.

Act Three – Homeland
Ancestors of Yunnan people are followers of animism – the belief that nature and inanimate objects have souls — and there are many sacrificial ceremonies to different gods every year. This worship of nature has greatly helped preserve local ecology and environment.

Act Four – Pilgrimage
The Tibetan Buddhists are devout believers, and making a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain is their way of worshipping Nature. The pilgrims often come a long way, spinning their praying wheels. They would lie face down on the ground, kiss the earth at every step and reach the Holy Mountain, where they would find Heaven of their dreams.

Epilogue – Spirit Of The Peacock
The peacock is a totem of worship for the Dai people,who call it the Sun Bird.It is also a symbol of love.Yang Liping has created a dance idiom that captures the movements and forms of the bird in the most vivid, graceful movements. Spirit of the Peacock expresses her yearning for a sacred and tranquil world.In the Epilogue of Dynamic Yunnan,She has incorporated her solo dance with a group dance to become an exquisite piece of choreography with highly original formations and sound and lighting effects.The result is an uplifting, soul-stirring dance that evokes peace and harmony in life.



Yang Liping

Yang Liping

Dynamic Yunnan was produced,directed and choreographed by the famous Chinese dancer, Yang Liping.She is one of China’s best-known dancers. Her peacock dance is famous in China.When she was twenty years ago, the first prize in a national dance competition was won by the youthful genius female dancer.At that time, “The Spirit of the Peacock” became famous after performing on the international stage.she is fame to be regarded as the “Peacock Princess” in China.


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Monday to Sunday


20:00 to 21:30

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1 hour and 30 minutes


Kunming Art Theater
No.81 Dongfeng West Road, Wuhua District,Kunming, China


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6 reviews for Dynamic Yunnan

  1. Slhoo

    Can’t help but be impressed and captivated by the sheer dedication of the performers. I had very low expectations of the show but when the show started, I couldn’t help but notice how the performers were perfectly in sync with each other. Clearly they practise laboriously for these shows.

    Nothing less than awesome for the performers.

  2. Boris Chang

    Just like those Musicals in other Cities in China, this one epics the cultural aspects of the people of Yunnan. The perfomers are so energetic and they totally immerse well in what they are doing. A must do.

  3. Eliz

    This is a cultural performance introducing the various ethnic groups in Yunnan. I find every part of the show mesmerizing, the dancers indeed put in very high energy level during the show. Everyone played their part extremely well.

    A tip would be to arrive at least half an hour before the show at 8pm. There are picture taking opportunities with one of the ethnic groups. Plus enough time to go to the rest room before the show begins.

  4. Greg

    I’ve been to a number of ‘cultural dance’ performances over the years, and this has to be the most professional stages and choreographed that I’ve seen.

    Unfortunately I ran late and didn’t get a chance to meet the cast- but the show was well worth the price and I wasn’t bored for a minute.

    I had bought the ticket with a 20% discount thru Yunnan Visitor Center,and was pretty much center stage.

    It moved quickly and there was an added attraction of English Language information projected on both sides of the stage.

    If you have an evening iin Kunming I’d reccommed it highly.

  5. Lisa

    I’ve been to several shows in China and this one is one of the best.It is a dance and music show done by artists from various minorities in Yunnan.Lots of rythm, energy and you really get into it.There was even a little girl participating in the show, and she clearly took her role seriously. She was truly adorable.

  6. John

    This show is fantastic and a credit to Yunnan and the Chinese people and culture. The show opened with about 50 drummers on stage and it just got better from there. My wife and I were “Gob Smacked”! We were tempted to go again and see the show a second time but unfortunately time did not allow. Do it! You must see this show…..

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